(Short Strength/Partner Metcon)

Warm-up: 15 Min
KB Warm Up
5 KB Floor Press each side
5 Arm Bars each side
5 Punch and Crunch each side
5 Half Ups each side
5 Overhead Reverse Lunge each side
20 Russian Swings
20 American Swings

Note: Runs like a flow, after 5 reps on each arm stay with the second arm to begin the next movement.

Strength: 15 Min
Barbell Warm-up #1
8 Minute E2MOTM
Power Clean
5-5-5-5 @70%1RM

Note: Experienced athletes practice touch and go reps. Beginers should strive for 5 quality individual reps.

Conditioning: 30 Min
20 Min AMRAP
Team Relay
Athlete 1: 10 Bodyweight Deadlift
Athlete 2: 20m Burpee Broad-jump
Athlete 3: Hollow Hold

Lighter DL, Burpee 2xLunge, Tuck hold