(Mobility/Oly Skill/Oly Strength)

Mobility: 10 Min
Mel's Hip Flow

Deep Lunge
Hamstring Stretch
Spiderman with Twist
Knee Hug
Cossack Lunge

Warm-up: 15 Min
2 Rounds of...
2 Inchworm Complex
4 Side Plank with Reach (each side)
6 See Saw Step
8 Push-ups
10 Air Squats
200m Run/Row/Ski/2X Bike
Burgener Warm-up
Barbell Warm-up #2

Note: Barbell warm-up #2;
5 reps of each:
Top Down Snatch Grip DL
High Hang to exension and shrug
Low Hang High Pull
High Hang Muscle Snatch
Wide Grip Push Press
Overhead Squat

Skill: 10 Min
3 x 5 Sotts Press - PVC or Barbell

Note: For older athletes or athletes with Mobility issues use Lunge position for Presses.

10 Min. EMOTM
1 Hang Power Snatch and 1 Overhead Squat
Start Light and build to AHAP

Rest 3 Minutes then...

Death by Squat Snatch (60% of previous max)
Min. 1: 1 Squat Snatch
Min. 2: 2 Squat Snatch
Min. 3: 3 Squat Snatch
Continue to add one Squat Snatch each minute until clock catches you
10 Minute Cap

Scaling: Overhead Lunge for part 1, Stay light, Split Snatch for second part of the workout.