(Mobility/Oly Skill/Oly Strength)

Mobility: 10 Min
Mel's Hip Flow

Deep Lunge
Hamstring Stretch
Spiderman with Twist
Knee Hug
Cossack Lunge

Note: https://youtu.be/3GFjkgHnJJU

Warm-up: 10 Min
PVC Warm-up (8 Min)
:90 Jump Rope
:30 Pass Throughs
:30 Around the Worlds (:15 each direction)
:30 Stride Stance Goodmornings (:30 each side)
:30 Sit-ups (PVC on Shoulders)
;30 Alternating Front Rack Lunge
:30 Strict Press
:30 Thrusters
:30 Overhead Squat
:30 Cossack Lunge with Catch
:90 Jump Rope

Note: Run an 8 Minute clock. Sit ups can be done without the PVC if needed.


Skill: 10 Min
6 Min E1.5MOTM
Tall Clean (empty bar)

Note: This should all be slow until the drop under the bar. Have the class perform each rep together. Call it out and check each athletes position. Start in the Position 1 (High Hang), Press hips back to position 2 (low hang). Emphasize hips back, verticle shin, flat back. Transition back to position 1 (high hang) then to the tall Clean Position (on the toes, shoulders shrugged, hips open arms long) then PULL AND DROP! 

Strength: 30 Min
30 Min E2MOTM
7-7-7 Front Squats w/3 Sec. Pause at Bottom - Light
5-5-5 Squat Cleans w/Pause at Position 1 - Medium
3-3-3 Squat Cleans w/Pause at Position 2 - Medium/Heavy
1-1-1-1-1-1 Squat Cleans (no pause) - Build to 100% of 1 RM

Stay light and do 3s instead of 1s for last 6 sets