(Short Strength/Partner Metcon)

Warm-up: 10 Mins
PVC Warm-up

:90 Jump Rope
:30 Pass Throughs
:30 Around the Worlds (:15 each direction)
:30 Stride Stance Goodmornings (:30 each side)
:30 Sit-ups (PVC on Shoulders)
;30 Alternating Front Rack Lunge
:30 Strict Press
:30 Thrusters
:30 Overhead Squat
:30 Cossck Lunge with Catch
:90 Jump Rope
Run an 8 Minute clock. Sit ups can be done without the PVC if needed. https://youtu.be/tjvAWLwd-jo

Strength: 15 Min
Sumo Deadlift

Conditioning: 35 Min
With a Partner for Time
5 Rounds each of...
15 Calorie Row
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
6 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)

One person works at a time, each partner completes all the reps and Cals.

30 Min Cap

Scaling: Light Load

Note: Each athlete completes all the reps and cals switch after each movement. Example: Both athletes do 15 Cals before moving to the DLs.