(Mobility/Short Strength/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep:
Scap Series

Band Pull Apart x 10 reps (Palms up point thumbs out reachback as far as you can)
Band Pull Downs x 10 reps (reach for ceiling shoulders up to ears, keep arms long pull out and down til arms are parallel with ground)
Band Pass Through x 10 reps
Whippet x 10 reps (Arms parallel to ground, band behind back, reach forward, open scaps keep, shoulders down)
Hanging shrug w/ 2 second pause in active position x 10 reps
Scap Push-ups x 10 reps
(Scap Push-ups and Hanging Shrugs may be omitted if they are also in the warm up)

Warm-up: 15 Min
2 Rounds of
1 Minute Jump Rope
10 Tuck Ups
15 Wall-balls
20 Walking Lunges
250m Row

Strength:15 Min
Back Squat
Establish 5 RM in 4th set & use 80% for max-rep in 5th set

Conditioning: 25 Min
18 Min AMRAP
Teams of 3...
Athlete 1: 250m Row
Athlete 2: Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)
Athlete 3: Plank Hold
Rotate every 250m
Score total rounds + PP Reps

Light DB and Plank from box