(Mobility/Long Strength/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: 10 Min
3 Rounds Tabata
Jumping Jacks
High Steps
Lateral Hurdles
Fwd/Bkwd Quick Steps
Drop Squats

Note: https://youtu.be/vaXO8FvYWtI

Warm Up: 15 Min
2 Rounds
10 MB Kayakers
10 MB Wall Sir Front Raises
10 MB Squat Cleans
10 MB Overlead Lunges
10 MB Wall Balls
10 MB Burpees

Strength: 20 Min
High Hang Power Cleans
Low Hang Squat Cleans

Conditioning: 15 Min
21 - 15 - 9
Squat Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips

Light Bar or MB Squat Cleans, Push Ups, Banded Dips, or leg assisted Dips

Note: Elizabeth can get long with stubborn athletes trying to go RX, emphasize scaling appropriately for the desired stimulous which should be sub 10 Mins.