(Short Strength/Partner Metcon)

Warm-up: 15 Min
With a Partner...
400m Row/ Inchworm Complex
30 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups
20 Partner Med Ball Squat Toss
10 Burpee High 10s
3 Rounds Partner Banded Broad Jump

Fun: 10 Min
3 Rounds
Partner Rowling

Skill: 15 Min
MedBall Squat Cleans

Notes: Start with each athlete with their own ball and break the movement down.
1) Deadlift
2) Shrug
3) Drop (ball shouldn't rotate)
4) Stand
Once people are confident with the basic movement partner up, drill the drop, with one partner holding the ball while the other drops under (like in Video 2) focus is on not pulling with the arms.

Conditioning: 20 Min
Teams of 3 For Time:
Athlete 1: Calorie Row
Athlete 2: MB Squat Clean (30/20)
Athlete 3: Push-up

Scaling: Light MedBall, Eleveated Push-up

Note: each athlete completes each movement at each rep count.