(Mobility/Long Strength/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: 10 Min
Theraband Warm-up

Note: 10 Internal/External Rotations each side
10 Backward Arm Circles each side
10 Low Arm Pull Backs and 10 Small Circles each direction
10 Row to Chest

Warm-up: 15 Min
With a Partner...
400m Row/ Inchworm Complex
30 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups
20 Partner Med Ball Squat Toss
10 Burpee High 10s

Strength: 20 Min
Shoulder Press
*4 Arm Bars

Conditioning: 15 Min
12 Min EMOTM
Odd Min: :45 Second Max Cal Row
Even Minute: Perform same number of Wall Balls as calories rowed.

Scaling: Pace

Note: Larger classes can work with partners with one partner starting after the first minute