(Mobility/Short Strength/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep: 5 Min
Banded Walking Series

Warm-up: 15 Min
2 Rounds of
1 Minute Jump Rope
10 Tuck Ups
15 Wall-balls
20 Walking Lunges
250m Row

Strength:15 Min
10 Min E2MOTM
Partner Strict Toes-to-Bar
5 Reps each Partner

Note: https://youtu.be/AlUp7GsJyHg

Conditioning: 25 Min
Partner WOD For Time:
1 Rope Climb
240/180 Cal Row/Ski/Bike
20 Min Cap

Scaling: 2X Rope Pull-to-stand, 150 Cals

Note: A1: Starts with a Rope Climb and Erg, A2: Rest. Automatic Switch every 20/15 Cals. Teams can switch more often but must do the rope climb every time. Switch Ergs each 80/60 Cals. Slower/Newer athletes should scale to 150 Cals, switch every 12 Cals switch Ergs every 50Cals.