(Mobility/Other Skill/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep: 10 Min
Tabata Ankle Series

Note: https://youtu.be/C8Xq8CkKaGE

Warm-up: 10 Min
Med Ball Partner Toss

Fun: 10 Min
Huddle Tag

Note: Groups of 5 or 6 Tabata switch tagger every 30 seconds until everyone has had a turn, if a tag is made that group can rest until the next Tabata.

Skill: 10 Min
Med Ball Squat Clean Partner Drill

Note: Review the MB Squat Clean with the class covering each part DL, Trip Ext., Drop, Stand, then partner up. A1 starts with the ball, call out the positions: Deadlift, Triple Extension (have A2 hold the ball once Triple extension is atcheived then call out "Drop!' A2 can then release the ball and A1 can stand to complete the rep. Do a few reps each focussing on eliminating any arm pull.


Conditioning: 20 Min
15 Min EMOTM
Min 1: 60 Double Unders
Min 2: 20 Med Ball Squat Cleans (30/20)
Min 3: 10 Deadlifts (225/155)

Scaling: 2X Singles, Light Ball and DLs