(Mobility/Fun/Gymnastics Skill/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: 10 Min
Scap Series

Note; https://youtu.be/phEmsKKD-Ws

Warm-up: 15 Min
3 Rounds of Tabata
Passive Hang/Hanging Shrugs/Kip Swings
Russian KB Swings/Overhead Swings /One-arm
Mountain Climbers/Squat Thrusts/Burpees
Single Unders/Single Leg/Double Unders
Lunges/Reverse Lunge/Jumping Lunge

Fun: 5 Min
Hokey Pokey Plank

Note: https://youtu.be/pFDv8SsXKoo

Gymnastics Skill: 10 Min
3 Rounds
Tabata Pull-up Builder

Note: Scale with band. https://youtu.be/slD7I0LGRZc

Workout: 20 Min
15 Min
Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Push-ups

Lighter Load, Knees or Toes on Box for HSPUs, DB Strict Press for athletes who do not wish to be upsidedown