Movement Prep: (5 Min)
3 x 5 Face Pulls
3 x 5 Wall Squats

Warm-up: (10 Min)
8 Min E2MOTM
10 Plank Shoulder Reach*
10 Hanging Shrugs*
10 Push-up to Down-Dog* 
10 Spiderman Steps*
*Practice Jump Rope Remainder of 2 Min

Skill: (15 Min)
Reverse Burpees

Squat to Floor*
Kick Up to Handstands

*Could also be Pistol to Floor

Fun: (10 Min)
4 - 3 - 2 - 1
Reverse Burpee

Workout: (20 Min)

Use 8-10 minutes to review movements

Review Turkish Get Up - Moderate Weight - do a couple of sets to warm up before workout.
Review Power KB Swings - Heavier Weight possibly than Get Up - Actively pulling down through back swing as if to beat gravity.
Review One Arm Overhead Squat - Ideally same weight as Get Up.  challenges shoulder stability at the bottom of squat.  If needed, athletes can keep this weight in rack position on one side rather than overhead

WOD should take about 12 minutes.

2 Rounds For Time
4 Turkish Get Ups - R
16 Russian Power KB Swings
8 Overhead Squats - R
16 Russian Power KB Swings
4 Turkish Get Ups - L
16 Russian Power KB Swings
8 Overhead Squats - L
16 Russian Power KB Swings


No weight / low weight / keep weight in rack position