Movement Prep: (5 Min)
Hold PVC in Overhead Position (wide) 
Sit on floor and lay Thoracic Spine over Medball with head supported on the ball
Move PVC over head to open chest and find extension in T Spine

Warm-up: (5 Min)
Partner Med-ball Toss

Fun: (5 Min)
"Bring Sally Up" - Squats

Find song on Spotify or
Athletes can pair up by height or MU capability

Progression to Front Lever (8 Min)
5 Attempts at a "Ball Up to Front Lever" (Hold for 5 seconds)

The goal here is to get lats working while holding the core strong in the hollow body position.  

Athletes may be able to hang on the rings and get themselves into the balled up "tuck" position.  If so, have them move as slowly as possible out of that balled up position and possibly pause at the point where the hips are even with their shoulders.  If that is possible, see if they can start to extend one or both legs and hold. - super challenging.

If you have an athlete that is unable to get into the hanging balled up position, have them perform the tuck position lying on the floor with knees pulled into chest and elbows tucked towards the knee.  They can work towards bringing their arms out into their hollow body position with knees still tucked into chest and then to full hollow body from their.

Progression to Muscle Up (12 Min)
10 Sets Every 30 sec complete 1 Sequence  - "5 Position* Muscle Up" 

Set Up with Rings - the higher the harder the movement.  While kneeling, align knees with rings.

@ Pull Position (chest to rings
@ Bottom of Dip (transition) 
@ Top (full lock out)

Workout: (10 Min)
Wod Should be Heavy and bar is taken from the floor ideally