Warm Up:  (10 Mins)

Hanging Shrugs - Getting Body Ready for Thrusters and Pull Ups
Russian KB Swings - Powerful Hips for Snatch and Cleans
Lunges - Prep legs for Burpees and Jumps
Push Up to Down Dog - Core Strength and Shoulder/Hamstring mobility
OH Squats - All around Mobility and Strength  

Strength: (20 Mins Demo, Set Up and Execution)

Drill Movement with Empty Barbell

Set of 8 can be Athletes' warm up set

Increase Weight towards 1RM

For Newer Athletes, encourage them to stay working at their 5 or 3 rep sets to drill form and movement understanding

Conditioning: (25 Mins Demo, Set Up and Execution)

First - Take 5 mins to review Hang Squat Snatch and Hang Clean Movements

Next - Partner Up - to conserve equipment use, have athletes try and pair up with someone of similar strength capabilities

Set Up and review Remainder of movements

All equipment should be out and stations set before the start of the wod

WOD length - 16 total Minutes

Tally scores each AMRAP and total at the end