Movement Prep: (5 Min)
2 Min Banded Hip Distraction
1 Min Pole Squats

Warm-up: (5 Min)
Locomotion - Set the clock for 5 minutes so you don't lose track of time

Moving across the gym and back with various movements.  Ideas here are High Knees, High Heels, Karyokes, Inchworms, Backwards Bear Crawl, Frog Hops, Shuttle Sprints...really, movements that you feel will get your athletes' blood flowing.

Take 2 Minutes to briefly Review the Rules for Each Lift (found here in this Journal Article ) You can speak more to each one specifically during the 15 minutes you have for each lift.

"CrossFit Total" 
Back Squat - 12-15 minutes to establish 1RM
Shoulder Press - 12-15 minutes to establish 1RM
Deadlift - 12-15 minutes to establish 1RM

APPROACH: Start with the back squat and do ~E2MOTM 1×8 @~30%, 1×5 @~40%, 1×3 @~60%, 1×1 @~75%, 1×1 @~80%, and 1×1 @~90%. Take a short breather and then move onto the press. Athletes should be fairly warm from the squats and the press weights will be significantly lighter, so encourage, say ~E2MOTM 1×8 @~30%, 1×5 @~40%, 1×2 @~70%, 1×1 @~80%, and 1×1 @~90%. The same goes for the deadlift.

Establish a 3 Rep Max for each movement

NEW ATHLETES: It's possible an athlete may not feel comfortable going to their 1RM and that is totally fine.  So they get some work done, encourage them to work to their heaviest 3RM instead.