Movement Prep:
Child's Pose - T-spine Rotation

3 Rounds Tabata

Contra Lateral Dead Bugs
Ipsilateral Dead Bugs
Mountain Climbers
Lunges (Jumping)

Rope Climbs

This is your chance to coach the rope climb!  It's not in the workout, people can give it a shot and not have to worry about wearing themselves out.  GymnaticsWOD has some really great progression drills for folks just starting out.  Split your class up amongst the ropes.  Give each person a skill/drill appropriate for them to work on when it's their time at the rope.  If someone knows how to rope climb, then they get to complete a rope climb making it as challenging as they wish.

1 - 10 - 1
Ring Row
Wall Ball
Box Jump
DB Snatch (opportunity to practice the DB squat snatch for Sweat-Heart)

Scaling: Go up to 8s