NEW MOVEMENTS: Thruster Pull-up Rowing

CHALK TALK: Nutrition Philosophy at GMCF - Our philosophy on fueling our bodies for health and well being is simple: Eat lean proteins and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  Keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat. This sensible, whole-foods approach lets us get plenty of energy, decreases our risk of disease, and maximizes our intake of vitamins and minerals from foods.  We think it’s also a really delicious way to experience food.


Row Practice
10 Strokes Arms only
10 Strokes Arms and Body
10 Strokes Arms Body Half Slide
10 Strokes Arms Body Full Slide

This activity is called the "Pick Drill" for Rowing and helps develop the proper "Order of Operations" for moving through the Recovery phase of the movement. (It's good for our GetFitters to begin to hear the language of Rowing as they may find themselves in one of our Rowing classes and they can feel just a little more comfortable.)

2 Rounds of Tabata
Dead Bug (Contralateral)
Alternating Plank Reach
Good Mornings
Air Squats

NOTE: This may be the first time they work with the Tabata format.  So review all the movements ahead of time so they know they will be transitioning in and out of them somewhat quickly. 


5 Rounds Every 90 Seconds

5 Strict Banded Pull Ups

NOTE:  Have athletes pair up.  They may need a GREEN , BLUE , and RED band, so you can give each pair all three and a station.  Let them take turns.  Have them each do 5  Rounds.  The 90 secs could even accommodate groups of 3.  Explain that this version of the assisted pull up can help build strength at the top of the range of motion where the chin comes over the bar.  We have other versions that can help build strength at the opposite end as well.  Have athletes find and use the combination of bands that allows them to get all five pull ups through the full range of motion.



3 mins WORK
3 mins REST

400m Row
Max DB Thrusters

NOTE: The goal your athletes will learn with this workout is pacing.  If they push too hard during that first round on either movement, they will feel like crashing and burning.  Encourage them to go at a pace they feel they can maintain each round.