NEW MOVEMENTS:  Air Squat / Row / Push Up

10 Min CHALK TALK: Why GetFIT @GMCF and Scheduling Your Classes

We designed the GetFIT program to be an inclusive way for anyone and everyone to be introduced to our community, the way we see fitness, the way we practice good movement, the way we view food as fuel and the way we strengthen our bodies and our connection to others.  The GetFit program is a fitness program in and of itself.  It's also an avenue towards our main CrossFit program.  The GetFit program will prepare your body with the movements that we use regularly in our training.  If you are considering joining CrossFit, you will be required to learn how to work these movements with the olympic bar  which is done by taking our BarbellFit workshop.  The GetFIT program gives you 12 classes.  Like a punch card of sorts, most of you will take 4 weeks to accomplish this program coming 3 times a week.  Although, that is not set in stone.  You have 12 classes to use as fast or as slow as you need/want to.

Everyone grab your phone.  Talk Zen Planner App

Open up Zen Planner App on your phone. 

See Class Schedule (place to reserve classes - capacity is of 12, so this will be important)

Go to Workout section - this is where workouts get posted 8pm the night before

We can also LOG our DATA here! Which we will do today.

Tracking data is important - the training program that we do is measurable and repeatable and this way you can track your progress.  We can also use these numbers to improve the focus of our workouts which is important when we begin working with weights.

Mobility: (5 Min)
Banded Hip Distraction
Foam Roll Quads

Warm-up: (~10 min)
Partner Med Ball Warm Up

Right hip to right hip
Left hip to left hip
Squat Toss to partner
Staggered feet Right hip to right hip
Staggered feet Left hip to left hip
Overhead Toss to partner
Football Toss to parter
Plank Stablizers with feet on Medball
Hip Lifts with heels on Medball

Fun: (~20 min)

Rowling Game - have the athletes complete their own penalties

  • Introduce Rowing here -- basic mechanics only - Legs/Body/Arms : Arms/Body/Legs
  • Introduce Air Squat -- sit to that Medball

Round 1: 100m
Penalty X3 Air Squats

  • Introduce Rowing -- Pushing Movement not a Pulling Movement
  • Introduce Push Up -- Hollow Body, Strong Core, Straight Body, Elevated Hands, while keeping shoulders externally rotated

Round 2: 137m
Penalty X2 Push Ups

  • Introduce Rowing -- Assure them they will feel like an unoiled machine at first until they get the hang of the movement
  • Introduce Burpee -- Chest to the floor, Stand and Jump and clap with arms over head - they own the middle of that movement. :)

Round 3: 172m
Penalty X1 Burpee

Conditioning: (~20 min)

Partner 1: Row for Meters 

Partner 2: 1 Round of
5 Push Ups
10 Air Squats to Med Ball

Record Total Meters