RowFIT - 4 Week Series to burn fat, build muscle & improve your fitness

This rowing focused program is your ticket to improving your health and fitness. Our professional coaches will instruct you on proper form and deliver workouts guaranteed to produce results. There is no better way to get low-impact exercise done than the Concept2 rower, and no other more knowledgeable group of rowing coaches than at Green Mountain CrossFit. Three 45 Minute classes a week is all you need to kick start your journey towards a life-changing level of fitness. 

Meet Your RowFIT Coaches...

Cady Hart-Petterssen - After captaining her UCONN Crew team for three years, Cady has gone one to become one of the most respected indoor rowing coaches in the CrossFit community and beyond. Learn more about Cady

Nick Petterssen - A lifetime athlete competing at elite levels in Beach Volleyball, Nordic Skiing and Cycling, Nick now turns his passion towards coaching CrossFIt and Rowing as his full time profession. Learn more about Nick

Mel Senesac - Another product of the UCONN Crew program, Mel holds a CrossFit Rowing certification and has years of experience as a CrossFit coach under her belt. Learn more about Mel


Your CrossFit Rowing Certified coaches at Green Mountain CrossFit are trained to help you improve your rowing technique while getting you a great workout on the Concept2 Rowing Machine.  Your coach will find places in your movement where you can gain strength, and through drills, skill work and practice, you will become more successful with producing power with your body. Workouts are designed to be infinitely adjustable to meet you where you are in terms of fitness level, and often include other exercises to get you a well-rounded session.

I’ve been able to improve my performance in other sports including CrossFit, running, and competitive paddling.


The four week RowFIT Series starts on a Friday with a technique-focused session. This 45 minute class will cover the proper mechanics of the stroke and teach you about safe and effective rowing. After your first session, classes are available throughout the week that you can attend on a drop-in basis. The full series includes 12 classes total which you can use as fast or as slow as you choose. The following is the regular RowFIT schedule:

GMCF Rowing - Central Class Schedule

Mondays 4:45-5:30 pm

Tuesdays 6:30-7:15 am

Wednesdays 4:45-5:30 pm

Fridays 12:00 pm

GMCF Rowing - North Class Schedule

Mondays 4:45-5:30 pm

Wednesdays 4:45-5:30 pm


Cady’s attention to my form, posture, and technique has helped me focus on finding more power, speed, and efficiency on the rower.  I have decreased my 500 meter time by 20 seconds!

The Green Mountain CrossFit Rowing Program is led by Coach Cady Hart-Petterssen.  Cady's Rowing programming has been born from a seemingly perfect mash up of her history in training for the sport of rowing and the basis of the CrossFit methodology.  While the workouts are constantly varied, she has a thoughtful structure that uses rowing to challenge the body to make improvements in our valuable skills of fitness: power, strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed.  The goal behind each workout is to provide an avenue to test your skill, make measurable progress and excel in ways that will potentially translate to your everyday life.  Cady is a Coach for the CrossFit Rowing Seminar Staff and teaches certification courses all over the world for CrossFit HQ.  She is always available if you have specific questions about your own technique or if you are CrossFit coach that has an athlete who wants to improve their power, she does do online coaching as well.  You can email her at

My deadlift form got better, I got stronger at pullups, pushups and toes to bar; in fact, I shocked myself when I linked together a bunch of toes to bar and I hadn’t been to a regular crossfit class in months. I also climbed the rope to 15 feet . . . a bunch of times . . . I’ve NEVER been able to climb a rope before!