** Partner Friendly! **

Warm Up:

Tabata Style

  • Row
  • Air Squat
  • Jump Rope
  • Mountain Climbers

Skill/Drill Talk

  • Notice where your knees are tracking during your stroke.  Knees should remain directly underneath your arms (so long as you have a shoulder width grip on the handle).  With the workout today moving back and forth between Wall Balls and Rowing, make sure your squat form with the Wall Ball is different than your catch position with Rowing.


5 Rounds of ...

  • 3 mins of Work*
  • 3 mins of Rest

* Today's Work = 500m Row with max Rep WallBalls (20/14 to 10')

We use this format often.  It works quite well with a partner.  Using a separate clock to time the three minute segments, it's easy for Partner 1 to begin their first Round at the 0 minute mark and Partner 2 to begin at the 3 minute mark.  Total time for this workout is 30 minutes. 

Set your Erg Monitor for an Interval: Distance workout at 500m with undefined rest time, that way each time Partner 1 or Partner 2 hops on, they can have their monitor set to count down from 500m.

Feel free to note the number of Wall Balls in the comments.

Have Fun!