Warm Up

  • 300m Strapless Row while Partner works Walking Lunges
  • Switch
  • 200m Strapped in Row focus on Acceleration while Partner works Heel Lifts
  • Switch
  • 100m Row for Power while Partner works kneeling T-Spine Rotations
  • Switch


Tabata Power Jumps

  • 8 Rounds of 20 sec Work / 10 sec Rest
  • Score is your lowest number of Power Jumps.  A Power Jump is essentially a vertical jump. It's an explosive movement out of a half squat position with feet about hips width apart.


Head of the Charles After Party!

Alternating with a Partner AMRAP 20 min

400m Row

Grab a partner and search for the Intervals: Distance workout.  Set your Work to 400m and your Rest to however long you and your partner need to transition in and out of the machine (~10-15 sec).  Have an additional clock running.  At 3, 2, 1..Go one partner starts to row their 400m piece, as soon as they are done, partner 2 hops on and rows their 400m piece.  Continue like this for the duration of 20 minutes.  If you and your partner surpass the 16th 400m piece, you will have completed the distance of the Head of the Charles race!  See if you can!!

Post your score in the comments!