Warm Up:

Pick Drill (remember - treat this as a sequence drill and do not focus on how powerful you can be)

  • 10 Strokes Arms Only
  • 10 Strokes Arms/Body
  • 10 Strokes Arms/Body/Half Slide
  • 10 Strokes Arms/Body/Full Slide

Skill/Drill: Hip Flexion Focus - Stand in your power stance (feet as if they were strapped into the foot stretchers.  Place your hands on your hips and soften the knee joint.  Find length through your spine and maintain this.  Take your hands out to the side, arms parallel to the ground.  Hinge at your hips and shift your weight to the back half of your feet (not to the point your toes lift off the ground).  Stand tall.  Repeat.  Feel the entire posterior chain solid while you move.  You should feel this strength all the way through your rowing stroke.

5 Min EMOTM Begin at a Stroke Rate of 20 and build up 2 beats each minute (here is where you can find your power)


10 Rounds of...

  • 1:15 Row
  • :45 Rest

Ok, We are progressing.  We've all done (and if you haven't you totally can - even today instead of what is posted) 1:00 on 1:00 off Rowing for 10 Rounds.  The intention of today is to push some boundaries, just a little.  We are increasing the amount of time we work and also decreasing our rest time - gradually.  Our goal is the same - work to maintain consistency.  Find a pace and a race stroke rate that you feel you can hang on to for the duration of 10 rounds.  If you have your previous pace written down from your 1:00 pieces, shoot for that and see if you can hang for those extra 15 sec.

Push a litte!



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