Warm Up:

"Light my Fuse"

Row 20 Cal then,

3 Rounds of

  • 10 Hollow Rock
  • 10 Superman
  • 10 Air Squat
  • 1 Wall Walk

Row 20 Cal


"Particle Acceleration" (adapted from Atomic CrossFit Partner WOD)

  • Minute 0 - 30 KB Swings
    • Max Calorie Row

  • Minute 3 – 30 Sit Ups
    • Max Calorie Row

  • Minute 6 – MB Squat Cleans
    • Max Calorie Row

  • Minute 9 – 30 KB/DB/BB Thrusters
    • Max Calorie Row

  • Minute 12 – 30 Push Ups
    • Max Calorie Row

  • Minute 15 – 30 Pull Ups
    • Max Calorie Row


*30 Reps of Movement - Both partners each complete 30 Reps and can work simultaneously

*Max Cal Row - Accumulation of Calories on the Rower can’t start until both partners have completed 30 Reps, one person working at a time, switch as often as you like.

Score is the sum of Max Cals in each 3 minute time block. Continuously running clock.

Wow!  Have fun with this one.  On the Row for Max Calories, emphasize that power from the legs.  You've got a lot of upper body movements to complete and conserving your upper body strength for those will be important.  Keeping your drive powerful will also accumulate your calories faster (significantly).  Make sure to switch with your partner as frequently as you need to maintain a high cal/hr output.

(I wish I could get the "comments" feature to work here as I would love to know how many calories y'all can rack up!)