Warm Up:


  • 10 Strokes On*
  • 10 Strokes Off**

Begin your session with 10% Intensity (quite Light), each Round build by 10%.  By the last minute, you should be at Full Intensity.

*On = With Power at a % of Intensity

**Off = Light Pressure (Paddling), Little Power, Rest



10 Cat/Cow Stretch - In a position on your hands and knees find full flexion and extension through the spine, moving in and out of those two positions smoothly and with your breath.  Inhale as you extend your spine, and exhale as you tuck and round your spine.

10 (5 on each side) Stagger Stance Good Mornings - With one leg forward and one leg back (approx 2.5 feet apart), hinge at the hip keeping both legs straight and the torso long.  Your range of motion is determined by the length your hamstrings are willing to stretch.  Maintain a long spine without letting the back round.

10 Calf Raises - Standing the ball of your foot on a platform (stair, rowing machine monorail, box, etc) allow the heel to drop down below the level of the platform slowly with control, then press and lift the heel as high as you canabove the platform.


2 Min Medium Pressure Rowing (For those of you that know your ave 2k split, this might be a good pace to shoot for)

Rest 1 Min

10 Rounds of 30/20/10 Intervals

  • :30 sec Light Pressure
  • :20 sec Medium Pressure
  • :10 sec ALL OUT SPRINT (Note your Split Here - this is your 'Target')

Rest 2 Min

1 Round of 30/20/Max Time Interval

  • :30 sec Light Pressure
  • :20 sec Medium Pressure
  • MAX TIME AT ALL OUT SPRINT (Match your Sprint Split and hold it for as long as you can - You stop rowing when your Split rises 5 seconds above your 'Target' Split)

This workout challenges your stamina.  How long can you last at your perceived max effort.  At the beginning of the workout you work to establish a steady state pace, moderate to high intensity knowing that the duration is not very long at all.  With one min of rest before you begin your 10 Rounds, you will reset the monitor to the Just Row setting.  Begin with a light pressure (Paddle) row for the first :30 sec, build in pressure for :20 sec and then for the last :10 sec, give it everything you got!  Note how low you can get your split for the duration of the 10 seconds.  Work through 10 rounds.  Aim for consistency on that max effort.  Take that Split and set that as your Target for your max effort in your final interval.

At the end of 10 rounds, you have a 2 min Recovery.  Reset your monitor to Just Row and begin your final interval.  :30 sec light, :20 sec build, and then for as long as you can, hold that Target Split.  Give yourself a :05 sec window above your Target Split.  Continue to Row until your Split rises above that :05 sec range.


  • Average Max Effort Split after 10 rounds of Intervals = 1:52 /500m
  • Target Split for Sprint in Final Interval = 1:52 /500m
  • Final Sprint Stops when my Split goes above 1:57 /500m

Impress yourself with this one.  See what you actually have in your tank at the end of this workout!

Post Final Sprint Target Split and Duration of the Interval to Comments.