Warm Up:

8 Rounds...one person works at a time

Partner 1:  Beginning 4 strokes of Sprint Start

  • 1/2 stroke
  • 1/2 stroke
  • 3/4 stroke
  • Full stroke

Partner 2:  3 Burpees

Switch positions after 8 Rounds and complete 8 more Rounds

Skill:  Sticky Catch Drill


2 Rounds for Time.

  • Partner 1: Row 500m
  • 50 See-Saw Thrusters
  • 50 See-Saw Pull Ups
  • 50 See-Saw Push Ups (or Handstand Push Ups)
  • Partner 2: Row 500m

The warm up and skill of this workout is dedicated to the front end of our stroke.  Getting a powerful jump off the footstretchers at the catch position is where your power starts.  The Sticky Catch Drill is helpful to find what a solid posterior chain feels like. The beginning of this video shows the Sticky Catch Drill in action!

The workout is run off another clock.  At 3, 2, 1, Go...  partner 1 rows their 500m.  Then both athletes grab a barbell/kb/db and switching every rep (hence the "see-saw" style) complete each thruster, then each pull up and each push up at which point partner 2 completes their 500m to end the round.  The next round is run the same as the first.  The Intervals:Distance setting can be used on the monitor where the distance is set to 500m with undefined rest time.

Post overall time to comments.

Have fun!