Warm Up:

4 Rounds of Rowling

  • Round 1:  100m - Penalty = Sit Ups
  • Round 2:  100m - Penalty = Push Ups
  • Round 3:  200m - Penalty = Burpees
  • Round 4:  200m - Penalty = Kayakers


Partner Rowing Ladder Up* (9 Min AMRAP)

  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 300m
  • 400m
  • 500m
  • 600m
  • keep going until time cap

4 Min Rest

Partner Rowing For Time:

  • Set Monitor for the numbers of meters rowed in 9 Min AMRAP
  • Alternate every 300m until meters are complete
  • Record time

*Each partner Rows each length.

Today's warm up is about accuracy.  Take as many strokes as you think it will take to reach the target number of meters listed.  Once you stop rowing, you can't start up again.  Let the meters roll over as they do and see how close you get to the target.  Your penalty is the number of meters above or below the target.  You or your partner must complete the penalty movement before continuing to the next round.

The workout today is about maintaining stamina.  The goal is to see how many meters you and your partner can accumulate in 9 minutes.  Each time you get on, add 100m to the last piece you rowed.  Practice your quick feet transitions and maintain a 'race pace' with a stroke rate of 26-30 SPM.  Then, your challenge is to see how long it takes you and your partner to Row the same amount of meters in consistent lengths, switching every 300m.

Post max meters from AMRAP and final time.