Warm Up:

4 Rounds...

  • :30 Sec Row*
  • :30 Sec Rest

1 Round...

  • 1:00 Spiderman Steps
  • 1:00 Scorpion Stretch

4 Rounds...

  • :30 Sec Row*
  • :30 Sec Rest

*Increase intensity of the row each round.


8 Min Row

EMOTM Row a "Power 10"

A "Power 10" is a series of 10 solid, powerful strokes at Max Pressure and High Intensity.  Stroke Rate between 26 - 30.  The Power 10 Strokes should feel more powerful than regular strokes. 

The remainder of the work is done at a solid steady state pace and maybe 50-75% intensity/pressure.

2 min Rest

2000m Row For Time*

*10 Min Cap


Test Day!  Find your 2K Time.  This is a valuable distance to test.  We can use your average split for a reference in future workouts.  Work Extra Hard on this one!

Record 2K Time to comments!

Have FUN!