Warm Up:

With a Partner...

  • 20 Calorie Row / Inchworm Complex
  • 20 Calorie Row / Roll Ups
  • 20 Calorie Row / Inchworm Complex

Skill:  Perfect Your Force Curve

  • Begin Rowing with just the hip swing (arms and legs remain straight)
  • Add in Arms as a follow through from the hip drive
  • Row then from half slide
  • Finally Row from full slide

Keep your eye on your force curve for each stroke.  Remain on each step until the curve that you are looking at looks smooth and in a haystack shape


With a Partner,  3 Rounds of ...

  • 5 Min Max Calorie Row and AMRAP
    • One Person Is Always Rowing
    • Rotate Stations after 1 Rounds of 
      • 4 Push Ups
      • 8 KB Swings
      • 16 Double Unders
  • 1 Min Rest