Warm Up:

Row while Partner Completes,

  • 2 Arms Only Inchworms
  • 4 Push Up to Down Dog
  • 6 Alt Spiderman Steps with Vertical Reach
  • 8 Wall Balls


Sticky Catch Drill - Finding your posterior chain engagement.  You will need at least two people and maybe a band around the slide (or another person to hold your seat in place

Check out my buddy Shane Farmer demonstrating this drill with Lauren Fisher - CLICK HERE 


Teams of 2, For Time and For Max Clusters  (Squat Clean Thrusters)  Anytime someone is Rowing, their partner must be managing the opposite movement.

  • 60 Cal Row : Double DB/KB Farmers Carry (35/25)
  • 60 Cal Row : Plank Hold
  • 60 Cal Row : Double DB/KB Clusters for max reps (35/25)