Warm Up:

  • 10 Contra-lateral Dead Bugs
  • 1 Pull To Stand (up and down)
  • 100m Row
  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 1 Pull To Stand (up and down)
  • 100m Row
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 1 Pull To Stand or Rope Climb
  • 100m Row


Finding Your Catch - Rowing Legs only while maintaining your body angle and arm length, find the exact moment where you feel like you are push against the machine.  Your whole body should be engaged and the length of both feet should be in contact with the machine.  Bump the damper up a little bit and practice what it feels like to find that catch position rowing legs only, take 5-10 strokes legs only before taking another 10 full strokes.  Make sure you don't find yourself reaching for more at the catch during your full strokes.



4 Rounds for Time.

  • 200m Row
  • 3 Rope Climbs (or Pull to Stands)
  • 17 KB Swings (32/24)