Warm Up:

Tabata Quick Feet

  • :20 sec Work
  • :10 sec Transition

With the Rowers in a line across the gym, all athletes start in a line off the rowers.  When the first clock starts, the Work is 20 seconds of Burpees.  During the 10 seconds of Rest, the first Athlete in line has to hop on the first Rower.  At that point, the Work becomes Rowing for that Athlete while the remaining Athletes continue with Burpees as their work.  During the next 10 seconds of transition, Athlete 1 gets off the first Rower and moves to the next Rower.  Athlete 2 hops onto the first Rower and starts in from there...  Move through the entire group of Athletes and the entire line of Rowers.  Depending on the number of Athletes and Rowers, allow for ample amount of rounds to get warmed up!


Game of Chance - Roll the dice and determine your workout.  Each Round (3 total) you and your partner will roll the dice.  The number you land on will decide how often you will be rotating.  

  • Roll a 1 = 100m
  • Roll a 2 = 200m
  • Roll a 3 = 300m
  • Roll a 4 = 400m
  • Roll a 5 = 500m
  • Roll a 6 = 600m
  • Round 1 = 8 Minute Max Meters
    • 2 min Rest
  • Round 2 = 8 Minute Max Meters
    • 2 min Rest
  • Round 3 = 8 Minute Max Meters

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