Warm Up:


Alternate with your partner

  • 200m Row
  • 1 Inchworm Complex (forward fold, walk hands out to plank, push up, lunge R, lunge L, side plank R, side plank L, push up, walk hands to feet, roll up)


Cut The Cake - 10 strokes each

Athletes will all move through the Drive together.  As their handle comes into and out of the body at the Finish (or Release), the arms are away the body swings forward and then swings back again before swinging the body forward and then bending the knees, bringing the body up to the Catch position.  A typical drill used primarily for blade control for rowers on the water can also be used here to highlight setting the body angle early in the Recovery phase of the stroke.


Each partner rows the following pieces.  You rest while your partner rows. Approach and Intention is suggested for each piece.

  • 250m (sprint start and find race pace) *hard and fast*
  • 500m (sprint start and work form through recovery) *moderate intensity*
  • 750m (ease into piece and work long and strong drive) *moderate/light intensity*
  • 1000m (sprint start and find race pace and sprint finish) *TEST at MAX EFFORT*
  • 750m (ease into piece and work long and strong drive) *moderate/light intensity*
  • 500m (sprint start and sprint finish) *TEST at MAX EFFORT*

Let's gather some of our numbers!  In the future, we can base some of our work/effort off of some of these tests that we complete.  Work hard and set yourself a bar.  These numbers can be just as important to your training as knowing your max back squat.