Stories in Motion is a childhood literacy and fitness class designed for children age 3-5. The 45 minute class begins with the reading of an action/movement oriented book and then follows up with a series of activities that allow participants to act out the various scenes from the story. The program builds a connection between the creative, imaginitve mind and a chid's innate sense of play, with the added movement instruction from a skilled trainer.


The cost of the program is free as we have received underwriting from Jay Ericson Photography as well as private donors. Donations are welcome and will be used to extend the program beyond the scheduled date that funding allows.


Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:15


You will be expected to be present in the gym during the class, and may participate in the reading and activities as your child needs. Siblings under the age of 3 are welcome to be present or participate, but parents must be actively working to ensure minimal disruption to the class.