Barre™ Circuits

Your muscles love a variety of movements, so that’s what you’ll get in a Barre Circuits class.  Dial up the intensity as I guide you through combinations of barre, cardio, and weighted movements geared to work every part of your body.  Your heart rate will climb and you'll be burning fat long after you leave the studio.  This class is safe for women with diastasis recti.  This will be a sweaty hour for sure, so bring water, a towel and your positive energy!

Instructor: Britt Richardson

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Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga sessions originate with the natural flow of breath and then begin by gently lengthening and deepening each breath. Postures are organized in a logical sequence, linking each variation to the next with transitional movements and deep Ujjayi breath. This repetition of breath and powerful movement brings an element of cardiovascular conditioning to the class, increasing the caloric expenditure, improving circulation, safely working the heart and creating purification through heat. Through the rise and fall of intensity we learn in practice how to remain present and in control, slowly mastering vinyasas and taking the body to greater health and freedom.

Instructor: Cady Hart

Total Barre™

Bring high energy and a smile when you join us for our Total Barre™ workout - one of the most fun and dynamic ways to sculpt a sleek and lean physique. An effective hybrid of Pilates, ballet barre, and strength training, this class provides a full-body workout that's designed to tighten and tone from the ground up. Total Barre™ choreographs movement patterns set to music using the ballet barre and an array of props. Come solo or round up a group of friends and be ready to have a blast, no dance experience or tutus required!

This class currently has an enrollment capacity of 10 so make sure to sign up early to reserve your spot.

Instructor: Britt Richardson

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Kettlebell Conditioning

A ‘kettlebell’ is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Due to their unique design and wide weight range, kettlebells allow for a variety of dynamic ballistic exercises that can be scaled to meet most fitness levels. The exercises are simple and can be easily incorporated into an exercise program. Kettlebell exercises incorporate the entire body and are designed to be time and energy efficient. 

Kettlebell Conditioning is a 45 minute group class designed to provide intense kettlebell workouts for participants of all skill levels. Workouts are intended to teach and challenge all participants while providing the education necessary for progression in their kettlebell training practice.

Instructor: Abdul Mujib