I signed up for Boot Camp at GMCF because I was stuck in a rut.  I was already physically active, but spent most of my time doing strict cardio like running, spinning, hiking, etc.  I wanted to start doing more strength training, but I didn’t know where to start.  A friend recommended CrossFit, but at the time that seemed daunting and I wasn’t ready to make the commitment.  So I joined the Boot Camp series instead knowing that I would have the option to transition into the CrossFit classes upon completion of the series and an additional lifting class.   


The Boot Camp classes definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way.  I started lifting weights that I never would have picked up on my own.  Doing movements that I never knew existed.  And completing workouts I didn’t think I could do.  The trainers put time and effort into explaining all elements of a movement with technique, scaling, and practice.   There was a large emphasis not only on getting the workout done, but getting it done right.  Every class was unique and every class was challenging.   An added bonus to the good workout was getting to know the other participants in the class.  It was great to have the encouragement from the group, as well as a little friendly competition to push a little further. 


The Boot Camp series definitely pulled me out of my rut.  Once it was completed, I immediately took the lifting seminar and jumped into the CrossFit classes.  Five months later, I’ve never had a boring workout, and I’ve done things (like climbing a rope) that I never thought I could do.  I would recommend the GetFit series to anyone looking to start or restart their exercise routine, and anyone who may just be looking to try something a little bit different.  

Tracey Ullom


I have been thinking about how wonderful it is to be apart of the GMCF community.  Over my past 3 years of being a member I have met such incredible people and many have become friends, learned so much from all the trainers and of course the two of you, and have changed in so many ways mentally and physically.  When I first started I stayed with the crossfit classes and dabbled into a yoga class or bootcamp class depending on my schedule.  Then the rowing class became my staple.  In July I hurt my back (one never knows what truly did it - just a combination of over working and I am sure bad mechanics or posture) and I have struggled with my right SI joint.  So I have been working on addressing those issues and switched up my routine and maybe even refocus on what's important right now.  I started to add Brit's classes, working one on one with Brit to strengthen my core, and now the KB training class (which I am really enjoying).  Oh and I can't forget EDS (Every Day Stronger)  I want to start that again next session. 
So the short of it - thank you for offering a variety of classes, time of classes, and having genuine, caring and knowledgeable trainers that are there to help you no matter your focus.  And thank you for doing what you do every day so I can be part of this great community.  I truly am grateful that I walked through that door 3 years ago.  I am thankful that the variety of classes offered will fit into my schedule or when its time to do a refocus and that GMCF has a positive atmosphere and energy in every class. 

Karen Murphy


Green Mountain CrossFit has inspired our family to be better. Better at working out consistently. Better at eating healthier. Better at working through challenges. Better at being good role models for our children.
        Keith just finished his first year of CrossFit and has already seen huge changes, both physically and mentally. Having not been super active since college, Keith had some extra weight to lose. The great coaching staff at the Confluence provided an environment where it wasn’t overwhelming getting back into working out and a lot of personal attention to help ease the learning curve.
        Within a couple months, he was amazed by the transformation he was seeing in himself. Yes, he lost some weight, but more importantly he was transforming the weight he had into something better. Keith is more active with his daughters, they get thrown much higher in the air now thanks to wall-balls. Yard work and things like moving two tons of pellets aren’t nearly as exhausting anymore. With two CrossFit competitions already under his belt, Keith plans on competing more in the coming years with no end in sight to his CrossFit journey of self-betterment.
        Meggan is 6 months into her CrossFit adventure and loving every minute.  After seeing Keith make amazing gains and changes in his first 7 months of CrossFit she jumped at the chance to do on ramp in July.  Meggan has enjoyed the family environment at the gym and looks forward to seeing the regular 9 amcrew each week.
        Lizzie kept hearing about all the “fun” things Keith and Meggan where doing at Green Mountain CrossFit and she wanted in too. The CrossFit Kids classes have allowed her an outlet to burn off some extra energy, discover that working out is enjoyable and tire her out so she sleeps well that night after class (possibly her parent’s favorite benefit)!
        Emma is often seen around Green Mountain CrossFit helping Keith and Meggan clean up round counters and little things after class. The children play area space allows a safe place for her to hang out while her family works out nearby. She’s already counting down the days until she’s old enough to join Lizzie in the CrossFit Kids classes.
        Green Mountain CrossFit has given our family many things. It’s been a positive addition to our daily life. It’s become something we all look forward to each day and something we talk about each night. The best part is that Green Mountain CrossFit has given our family the opportunity to be part of an even bigger family, both the CrossFit family but more importantly the Green Mountain CrossFit Family.

Meggan and Keith McCusker


I have a few friends who are interested in joining the Confluence but they keep hearing about it all over town and are a little put off by the chronic enthusiasm of its members. All that enthusiasm is a real eye roller. Or maybe it's a cult? So this testimonial is for them.

 Some things:

  • I'm not a joiner. And I have never liked gyms. In fact I hate gyms. That piped-in classic rock no one wants to listen to and the tediousness of it. The cost of it. There is a very high annoyance tax paid at regular gyms.
  • I joined the Confluence a couple years ago because I could afford it. When I walked in there was music playing that someone actually selected because they liked it. The gym 'equipment' was comprised of real and simple objects I could understand and which are comparable to objects I might have to haul or push or kick in my regular life. Like wood. And groceries. And children. It was like the Montessori version of a gym. Blocks and straps and balls. Lift them, throw them, lie over them, jump onto them. Until you can’t.
  • There are 20 year olds and 70 year olds and 14 year olds and 40 something year olds like me. Usually there are a few 3 year olds wandering around.  You'll see lawyers and doctors and freelancers and animal trackers and people with and without lip rings. Chess enthusiasts and roller derby trainees. You’ll see an occasional healthcare policy heavy. Some people are parents. Some people are not parents.
  • I have never thought twice about whether my socks match when I’m at the Confluence. Very often my socks do not match and I don’t think anyone’s noticed.
  • The people who work there are cool and approachable and knowledgeable and irreverent and they like being there and you know when they’re not there they’re out doing fun stuff. I would be happy to run into any of them at the grocery store. They see ‘fitness’ as a fun, ongoing science project.
  • I see people in the best shape of their lives and maybe working harder than they ever dared to before. This does not mean everyone is beautiful. No one looks beautiful doing a squat. There are a lot of squats and everyone looks equally awful doing them. No one cares how many squats you can do or how you look doing them. What they DO care about--and rely on--is your best effort. There's a silent agreement that everyone will work as hard as they can, and even though it sounds painful and terrible to work that hard, for some reason it’s fun in addition to being painful and terrible. It’s thrilling. Some people are squatting with huge weights and some are squatting without any weight at all and no one cares how much weight you’re carrying or how many reps you get in but they are counting on you to be working your hardest because it helps them work hard too.
  • There’s not a lot of bitching at the Confluence. About anything.
  • Feeling good and strong in the spring in Vermont is gravy. But when it’s February and I’m inclined to be depressed and lying in bed eating crackers---and instead I feel good and strong and vital---well. That’s really something to be grateful for. And I’m really, really grateful. There a bunch of people walking around in central Vermont who also feel good and strong and vital because of this 'gym'. And maybe this accounts for the chronic enthusiasm.
  • so those are some things.

Erica, Confluence member, age 40 something


"I joined The Confluence as a chronically overweight, out-of-shape guy in my late middle years. I'd tried different diet and exercise programs without any lasting effect.

The Confluence workouts were tough, but I kept with it. Within six months, I'd lost a significant amount of weight. More important, I felt a lot better -- more capable, more flexible, and much less prone to minor aches and pains. And most important of all, I'm confident that I can stay with the program and achieve lasting results.

I'm almost always the oldest and weakest person in the class. But the instructors and my fellow members are very supportive and not at all judgmental. I'm extremely glad I found The Confluence, and I would urge my fellow non-athletes to give it a try."

 - John Walters, Montpelier, Age 57


"For the last 25 years (all of my adult life) I have played basketball to stay in shape. The last few years, I've found that harder and harder to do, with nagging injuries keeping me from playing on a regular basis.

When I saw this picture of myself from my 40th birthday, I was shocked, and knew I had to do something to change. It was around this time that I ran into Steve Robinson, a friend from basketball, who told me about the Confluence.


I have been a member of various gyms over the years and found them a waste of money (working out alone was boring so I never actually stuck with it), but Steve spoke so highly of Crossfit I decided to check it out. I’m so glad I did. The Confluence is more than a gym-- it’s a community of friendly people and caring trainers. The workouts are fun, incredibly challenging, and the atmosphere is very supportive. In less than a year’s time, atttending 3-4 times a week, I have lost that spare tire and am in the best shape of my life. I feel stronger, faster, and more flexible thanks to the Confluence and Crossfit!"

Gary Rocha, Berlin, Age 41


"Thank You – the work-outs can be brutal but the benefits are huge.  I’m still getting stronger every week; even though sometimes I don’t feel that way.  Now when I look back when I was 49 and in that slow steady decline and life-style change I know I’ve reversed direction.  I’m 52 and getting stronger and more flexible every week I work-out.  Something else that’s become important to my weekly routine is the enjoyment of working out with other like minded people.  The camaraderie in the class is fantastic.  It’s often the motivator for me to wake up at 04:30 in the morning to be in the gym a little after 05:00.   CrossFit and the Confluence are exactly what I needed.  It provides a base of strength and increases my performance in all the activities I do: soccer, bike, ski, hike, snowshoe, white-water paddling, housework, etc, and even moving my son and his girl friend into a new apartment."

- John Hulbert, Barre, Age 52


Hi Nick! (and everybody)

Seth and I have settled into a rhythm at our new local box, and we like it pretty well. Bouncing between a few while we moved was hard, but I came to understand that what you guys are doing at the Confluence is special, and I wanted to let you know how much Seth and I appreciate that we started there with such great training.

I realized how awesome your programming is. Whenever I'd check to see what your WOD was I would read it and think "that sounds fun!" Now I usually think "why would anyone want to do that?"

Another thing I've really come to appreciate is the emphasis placed, by all the trainers at The Confluence, on form - right from the beginning. When we first started at our current place I was watching some people do kettlebell swings and was kind of appalled that they were counting them. My brain wandered back to Shannon's On Ramp classes where he would show us how to do something and then promptly say "Now if you do it like this, you can't count it. That's not right." Apparently that is not common. Thank you.

Lastly, because of the emphasis on form, I think, I never felt pressured to go heavier on weights than I was comfortable with. If I know I don't have the motions of a lift down (like the damn squat snatch), I don't feel the need to keep adding weight and see how much weight I can pretend to do a squat snatch with. Maybe I took the lesson too much to heart, but thank you for teaching us not to hurt ourselves.

Also, I recently did my first prescribed workout! The only reason I was able to do it prescribed was because it was just situps, squats and wall balls, but even so, I knew that I could have had an asterisk by my name for the first time if our current gym kept track of such things.

Seth recently got a new Front Squat PR at 305. He said last time he had a PR for that it was 255, and he only did it because Dan did 250 and he had to beat him.

Thanks! We miss you all!

- Joanna and Seth Cohen



I'm pretty sure you have seen me around either chasing one or two shaggy haired look alikes or joking around with Captain America. Or shushing him in Boot camp.

My name is Elissa and I am married to Dan, a retired vet of 28 years and twin Boys, Logan & Lukas, turning 7 in May.

To say the last 7 years have been physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausting is skimming the surface like the tip of the iceberg.

From speech delays to steepness nights to countless IEP meeting to ensure the best possible services for the boys, Dan and I have devoted our entire selves to their well being. From social stories to positive reward charts to trying out baseball, soccer, hockey and even martial arts, We wouldn't change anything.

Well maybe one thing.

Let's be honest: When parents devote their entire selves to their children, the husband and wife dynamic slowly dies and next thing you know your relationship can look like this: 2 strangers, a couch and an iphone.

Fed up of leaving my family behind for hours a week to go work out at the gym I decided I wanted to include my family with my fitness goals. Growing up as the daughter of a bodybuilder, I always wanted to lift. But never had the "balls" to lift heavy things up and put them down in a selfie obsessed world: The Gym.

Then I looked into CrossFit.

The camaderie, the results and yes the socks had me intrigued....And so we tried it.

To watch the boys in the box attempting burpees, kettlebell swings or box jumps has given me that feeling I so desperately wanted to experience like other moms. Unfortunately, ADHD prevents this family from cheering on the sidelines at little league games.

As a couple, CrossFit has given us a time to encourage, motivate and praise each other as we squat, jump and sweat together. Not to mention laugh and bond after what seems like an eternity of doing so!

To Nick, Shannon, Tyler, Cady, Emmanuelle & Audrey…Words cannot express how The Confluence has changed out family dynamic. The boys can be a hand full (so can Big Daddy) and having the ability to work out with my family in the same facility has been…Priceless.

- Elissa Sorentino