I started with GMCF when Cady and Nick first came to Concept 2, my husband’s company, which builds rowing machines that are used in CrossFit workouts around the world. CrossFit was a way to add some strength training to my cardio workouts and it was a convenient walk across the road from my job.  Before long I was CrossFitting more than I was running. I really enjoyed the variety of workouts, the instruction, the encouragement from the coaches, and the camaraderie of the others in class.  The opening of GMCF North was a bonus, as it was a much larger space with more equipment and new members to work out with.

The story on why I continue with CrossFit is different today than it would have been had you asked me 10 months ago.  I know now that it is what prepared me both mentally and physically for conquering breast cancer this past year.  Through the steadfast support of the GMCF coaches and the always-caring group of members (aka friends), I was able to continue with classes shortly after surgery, through chemo, and then my radiation treatments. It gave me something positive to focus on.  

I will never forget one Friday night WOD [workout of the day].  I was the only one there that evening.  Cady was coaching, and rather than cancelling class, Nick insisted on doing it with me, knowing that I had just had a chemo treatment and would not be an ideal teammate.  It was a running WOD; under normal circumstances I would have done pretty well, but it turned into a run/walk. I finished with Nick encouraging me the whole time.  It is this type of personal support that makes all the GMCF coaches so great.

I learned through CrossFit to be prepared for the unknown.  If you get yourself in the best shape you can now, you can weather life’s storms.  I tackled my own storm like I do every WOD– I gave it all I had, did the work, knew there would be an end and felt better after I was done than before I started.  I am forever grateful to GMCF for making me a better and stronger person!