Our Vision

  • Become the heart of a culture of fitness in Central Vermont;
  • Develop and sustain a nationally recognized model for community fitness and health;
  • Maintain a wellness campus that serves more than 3,000 diverse members with integrative programming;
  • Operate with fiscal and organizational sustainability.

Vermont’s future prosperity depends on our ability to provide citizens with a solid foundation of health and physical fitness. A healthy population becomes the basis for community and economic development, as healthy citizens are also productive employees, contributing community members, nurturing parents and motivated participants in our education system. The key to a healthy population is a multi-dimensional fitness environment that provides opportunities for a social and family experience, skill building through sports, and sustainable pursuit of fitness or athletic performance goals.

Vermonters have had a long standing commitment to the cultivation of our landscapes for recreational use, to thoughtful investment in an innovative recreation business community, and to the design of cutting edge equipment and programs designed to engage individuals at all ages and abilities in health and physical fitness and the pursuit of athletic performance. The Confluence–as a community sports center--has a unique role to play in securing access for adults, youth and children to these investments and innovations that can overcome the challenges in our community. Together, we can work to forward a vision of a healthy population, a rewarding recreation legacy and sustainable economic future for Vermonters.