(Mobility/Oly Skill/Oly Strength)

Mobility: Banded YWTLs

With a Partner...
400 m Row/Inchworm Complex
30 Partner Med-ball Sit-ups
20 Partner Med-Ball Squat Toss
10 Partner High-five Burpees
3 Rounds - 10m Banded Broad Jumps (Purple/Red/Blue)

Snatch Grip Bar Dismount from Overhead to Hang

Snatch Medley

6 Rounds E4MOTM
Min 1-3: 3 Snatch Medley
Min 4: Rest and adjust loading

Snatch Medley = High Hang Snatch, Low Hang Snatch, Touch-and-go Snatch, Overhead Squat.
Snatches should be Squat Snatches if possible, otherwise Split with OH Lunges for OHS
Goal is to do all 12 reps consecutively without putting down the bar
Start very light and work to medium - this is mostly skill work

Scaling: Stay light